Friday, March 15, 2019

Week 27

Spring is in the air!  On Wednesday morning third graders ventured out with buckets, drills, taps and a lot of enthusiasm!  Everyone got involved in the tapping process.  Now we are just waiting for the sap to flow!  We had a visit from Susan Shimko from Ava Gallery.  We learned more about the villages in Hartford.  Students choose a historic building to watercolor.  Students reviewed our science unit, "Animals Through Time" and took a summative assessment on Friday.  We continue to explore multiplication and division through story problems. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Week 26

This week was all about teamwork!  Students are working hard in their village groups on collaborative projects.  Their maturity and independence is shining through!  Students are eager to use even their free time to focus on social studies.  In writing workshop students continue to work on persuasive speech writing.  At the end of the week they each chose a noteworthy person to write about, making sure to give reason and examples to back up their thesis.  In reading we continue our character work, digging deeper into why our main characters act a certain way.  The essential question for science was,  "How long can people and animals survive in outer space?" Our week concluded in the forest with some seriously FUN sledding... and many signs of spring! 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Week 25

3U had an awesome week!  Students arrived on Monday, refreshed and ready to learn!  They always seem to have grown so much after a vacation.  We had one of our best weeks yet.  We launched a new unit in math, linking multiplication and division.  Students were given equations and wrote story problems to match.  In reading we began a new unit on character studies.  We are starting to notice patterns of behavior in our characters and coming up with deeper theories about who they are as people and why.  During writing workshop students wrote persuasive speeches about needing more magazines in our school library and backing up their opinions with reasons.  Finally we enjoyed our whole school reward of the entertaining circus show (which included 4 stars from our class!)

Friday, February 8, 2019

Week 23

Thank you to all of our families for your contributions!  Our earned party was a GREAT success!  When students arrived on Thursday morning they were thrilled to find our classroom transformed into an enormous fort!  We enjoyed a long, cozy read aloud.  After, we struggled through eating donuts on a string and then enjoyed an exciting game of charades.  The food was festive and delicious!  We also got in some good learning this week!!  During writing we continued our work on preparing for the SBAC.  In reading workshop we began character studies.  Each student shared about a character from their independent reading book.  We talked about finding evidence in our stories that tells us about the type of person our character is.  On Wednesday we had Dartmouth students help the class explore energy by setting up a fun potato  experiment.  In math students took an assessment.  We are now beginning a new unit on multiplication, division and area.  

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Week 22

We had a busy and productive week!  In math we concluded our work on unit four.  We worked on ordering and comparing fractions.  For writing this week we began to prepare for the SPAC (a reading and writing test the students will take this spring.)  In preparation of this assessment we read 2 different articles, took notes on the main ideas and supporting details.  Next students were given a  graphic organizer to plan an essay incorporating a thesis with supporting details from both sources.  This was HARD work!  The class took this work on with great focus and confidence.  On Friday students shared their non fiction teaching books with classmates, then we set up a book museum for everyone to enjoy!  Our reading focus this week was exploring Hartford history.  We ended the week in the sunny and cold forest with fire-side s'mores! 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Week 21

It's hard to believe we are over half way through our year!  Despite the short and crazy week, we accomplished so much!  In math students are learning about fractions as fair shares.  We are experimenting with pattern blocks and cookies to gain a deeper understanding of the concept.  In writing students completed a non fiction writing prompt to illustrate all they had learned from during the unit on teaching books.  We had Dartmouth students join us to explore energy with us.  These student teachers will join us each Wednesday until the February break.  Students were introduced to our Hartford history project.  The class was broken up into 5 groups.  Each group will focus on one of the villages in Hartford.  Students have essential questions to explore together.  Within their groups they will decide what type of project they would like to engage in.